Big Bang Theory scene banned from British TV for being ‘too hot’ video

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A sex dungeon scene from an upcoming episode of the Big Bang Theory has been banned for being ‘too hot’ for television.

In the seventh episode of season 10, Sheldon has a nightmare showing Leonard and Penny having turned his bedroom into a sex dungeon.

Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki, and Penny, played by Kaley Couco, are seen in bondage-style outfits, and it’s Penny’s revealing outfit that was too much for advertisers to see it broadcast on British screens, The Mirror reported.

In a dream sequence scene, Leonard and Penny have turned Sheldon's bedroom into a sex dungeon.

In a dream sequence scene, Leonard and Penny have turned Sheldon’s bedroom into a sex dungeon.

In the scene, Penny shouts “we turned your room into a sex dungeon” before playfully whipping her co-star.

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In real life, the pair dated for two years and have remained close friends since breaking up.

On the show, the Penny and Leonard recently got married in the current season’s premiere.

The seventh episode is set to air in New Zealand on Wednesday 9 November at 8:30pm on TV2.

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