Richard Branson: Goodbye and good-riddance to the office cubicle

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Do you dread going into work? If you’re one of the many people who finds themselves performing a job you don’t particularly enjoy then Richard Branson has some words of advice for you, after all it’s not always easy getting to do what you love.

“The idea of working in a cubicle strikes fear in my heart, and always has. Luckily, I was so unsuited to schoolwork that it was obvious from an early age that I would never be a paper-pusher – it wouldn’t have been possible even if I had wanted to!

“So many people get trapped in jobs they don’t care about, or even dislike. That’s just wrong. We should feel excited about getting up and going to work every day; we should be able to pursue our passions. I don’t think that’s too much to ask. That said, I know that doing what you love isn’t always easy – sometimes you have to take a job you don’t like in order to pay the bills. Don’t let work that makes you unhappy define you or wear you down. If you can’t make your passion pay right now, the most important thing you can do is nurture your ideas and goals and begin to think about how you can make time for them.”


One of the common problems many people have with their job is not just what they do, but where they do it. The thought of being stuck inside a grey cubicle, staring at a screen, for nine hours a day isn’t a situation everyone would like to find themselves in. Thankfully, Richard Branson believes this type of office culture is starting to fade away.

“Your offices might be very conservative, but consider that elsewhere, offices are changing: The cubicle is slowly disappearing, along with the strict demarcation between what you do to live, and what you live to do. Open-plan offices are becoming commonplace, and co-working spaces like WeWork and Second Home are booming. Even better, many companies have become more accepting of flexible schedules and working from home. Taking a position where those options are available might help you to keep a paycheck coming in while you’re building up your own business,” notes the Virgin Group founder.

“And what if you get to the point where you decide to turn your daydream into your day job? As I always say: Screw it, just do it. Yes, making such a change can be daunting, financially and personally, especially if you have dependents. And countless what-ifs might keep you up at night if you let them.”


After all, it’s important that people enjoy their work, not just from the perspective of an individual, but also the company’s.

“At Virgin we make sure that our employees take ownership in their work because, as I’ve pointed out before, an office full of motivated, happy employees is an office in which disruption, innovation, experimentation and progress will all happen,” concludes Richard Branson.

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